End User License Agreement

Yoographic_EULAThe following is an agreement between you (hereafter: user) and Articular (hereafter: Articular or designer), or present website (hereafter: YooGraphic.com) which is consent to be bound by and take note of.

This agreement may be changed without prior notice.

The website and using its all content shall be accepted and complied under the agreed conditions.


1.    Licence Terms:  

After payment Customer receives a picture in the chosen resolution or its vector variant which can be used all over the world unexclusively, non-transferable, and non-negotiable under the following conditions:

– advertising and promotional
– book, book cover
– apps, blogs
– brochures, flyers
– cd covers, e-books
– greeting cards
– art prints
– calendars
– magazine or news articles
– presentations
– decoration
– printed and electronic media
– TV and movie props
– personal projects
– Website

This list is not complete (see: restrictions) or if you have any questions to the copyright owner, contact: info@yoographic.com or this contact page.

2.    Copyright:

The pictures’ copyright owner is Articular and YooGraphic.com who is the member of Symbiostock community therefore the pictures are available for every natural or legal person. Articular, the owner of the copyright proves that each of the pictures which is offered for sale are his own, and they do not contain any graphic elements which was made by somebody else.
User does not receive any kind of rights, such as copyright or owner right with either of the pictures offered for sale.
YooGraphic.com and Articular shall retain all rights, interest, copyright and others with the licensed contents of the website.

Sell The Rights
In case YooGraphic.com sells the copyright of one of the pictures, it is responsible for withdrawing the picture referred to in 96 hours. This picture may have already been sold and it is possible to purchase it somewhere else at the same time.

3.    Restrictions

The pictures on the website cannot be used neither as a whole nor in detail as trade mark or logo since owner does not transfer copyright to the customer /end user.

Resale, permission or any other trading of the products with illustrations is prohibited.

Using  print-on-demand websites is prohibited. This restriction refers to websites such as the following:  cafepress.com, polyvore.com, zazzle.com, redbubble.com, etsy.com, teacherspayteachers.com or any other similar sites. For example, an image or even a slightly altered illustration downloaded from the YooGraphic site printed on T-Shirt, mug, poster, cap or on any other product cannot be sold for others, nor can be multiplied or resold. Such use is the violation of the copyright.

Illustrations or their elements are allowed for printing in maximum 250.000 copies. If the number of reproductions goes over this amount you have to purchase the given image again. This amendment does not refer to web advertisements, television publishing or theatre performances.

Use on websites can be 600 pixel (longer side) the most.

The copyright of the images must be represented – without exception – in web, book and publication use. © articular / www.yoographic.com.

Images and illustrations cannot be shared with other users as templates such as sending postcards, web design template, customised invitation template, personalised products, business card template, etc..

Images cannot be used in sensitive topics without prior written permission of the copyright owner. These include (but not exclusively) mental or physical health problems, topic in connection with sex or sexual orientation, drugs, crime, political orientation or anything offensive or humiliating.

Vectorising or auto tracing raster images is prohibited.

It is prohibited to use or send copies of the downloaded illustration in more than one place at the same time and also to make it downloadable for other users. In case you would like to use the same image in demand of another client you must purchase the given illustration again.

It is prohibited to share it on any peer-to-peer or similar file sharing system.

4.    Intellectual Property
Liability and Indemnify Limitation

User is liable to protect and respect the demands of the copyright owner and undertake responsibility, damage, cost and disbursements including royalty fees and expenses in case
(a)    violating the agreement,
(b)    does not comply restrictions in connection with the use of images, or
(c)    a third party’s demand to the use of one or more images.

The designer guarantees is proprietary rights and copyright for the images/illustrations.

Articular/YooGraphic.com refuses to accept responsibility for breakdown on the website which can cause profit, information or any other business loss regardless of the case being technical, navigational, treaty engagements, derogatory, neglecting or other case.

Using the website both party shall accept and assume the risks without restriction.
For the designer it would be the best if no infraction of the copyright happened and the permission could be available for everybody. However, the user is responsible for verifying whether the downloaded image(s) is suitable for the given purpose or not.


COPYRIGHT NOTICE. © 2007-2015 YooGraphic.com. All rights reserved.